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Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this amazing opportunity. Srsly :)

"The American Shakespeare Center, a regional theater company in Staunton, Virginia, is looking to stage new plays as companion pieces to William Shakespeare's classics -- all 38 of them.

'We're looking for remarkable playwrights from all walks of life. Do you have a great play that vibes off of Shakespeare's canon? Can you write a great play to be a companion piece to one of Shakespeare's plays? We want to see it.'"

Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape this offer. Get thee to a keyboard!!
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Reveals are up at hoggywartyxmas, so I can now own up to this:

Title: Love Hides in Familiar Faces (on LJ) (on AO3)
Rating: G
Word Count: ~4300
Summary: Even in the darkest of times, there are still glimpses of light. Fortunately for the few who are still awake within the walls of Hogwarts at half-past eleven on this Longest Night, one need not know a tale in order to be part of it.

I was extremely honored to have my fic chosen to open the fest. Many thanks to all the readers for their lovely comments, and to [personal profile] therealsnape for hosting another fabulous Hoggy Warty Christmas!
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I just got the best comment ever on my Modern Major Death Eater (parody of Modern Major General) and I had to share:



This is how I feel when I read a really good piece of fanfic, so I'm especially tickled :)
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Reveals are up over at [ profile] mini_fest and [ profile] happy_trekmas, so the last of the four fics I wrote for December fests can now be unveiled! (I know, I know, you've all been waiting, haven't you??)

[ profile] nursedarry, whose fault it is that I'm here on LJ at all (smooches her), persuaded me to write for [ profile] happy_trekmas this year. I wrote "Walk Beside Me", a series of missing scenes (all canon-compliant, natch!) that show the growth of the friendship between James T. Kirk and Spock. You can read it on the fest's LJ site or over on AO3. Rating is G, word count is 4156, and it's TOS all the way, no rebootin' AU here, nosiree bub.

For [ profile] mini_fest this year I tried a pairing I've never done before (Severus and Petunia) and wrote a story called "A Part of Yesterday." One commenter was kind enough to say that "you made me like the horrid Petunia" :) It's angsty, of course, and bittersweet, but I enjoyed writing it very much since it was something I'd never done before, and I'm pleased with the way it came out. You can read it on the fest's LJ site or over on AO3. Rating is Teen/PG-13, word count is 6651, and it's entirely canon-compliant, so don't expect a happy ending.

(I've also now got my [ profile] hoggywartyxmas spoof of "The Night Before Christmas" posted on AO3.)
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Reveals are up over at [ profile] hoggywartyxmas so I can now own up to being the author of The Spoof is in the Pudding, a wizardy riff on "The Night Before Christmas, in which Hagrid and Flitwick eat too much fruitcake with surprising results while Severus and Minerva exeunt, pursued by a waltz.

I was thrilled that my poem was one of the opening day posts for the fest, and I have been truly overwhelmed by the number of positive comments that my little rhyme received. In particular, my recipient [ profile] mmadfan said that the poem brightened her day twice when she was feeling under the weather. I cannot imagine a higher compliment :)

[ profile] hoggywartyxmas always has superlative offerings, and the writers and artists this year really outdid themselves. Thanks to the mods for running it yet again, and I am already looking forward to next year!
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Reveals are up all over the place, so I can now admit to being the author of the following fics:

Title: True Lies (LJ) (AO3)
For: [ profile] kerravonsen
Fest: [ profile] sshg_giftfest
Summary: Snape's voice and his cutting words have always been his most flexible and potent weapon. What happens when that weapon turns against him?

I co-modded this fest with [ profile] amorette and is was just a pure pleasure. I loved writing every word of this. My gift that I received from the talented [ profile] toblass was also just fabulous (thank you, thank you! I have been remiss in not raving about it sooner, but out-of-town intervened) -- go and marvel at Sunday Afternoon"!!

Title: Chizpurfle in a Pine Tree (LJ) (AO3)
Fest: [ profile] mini_fest, prompt by [ profile] candamira
Summary: Getting the Yule tree turns out to be a bit trickier than either Hagrid or his students expect.

Chizpurfle has a bonus: A Hogwarts version of the carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" :)

Title: Matches in the Snow (LJ) (AO3)
For: [ profile] miss_morland
Fest: [ profile] hoggywartyxmas
Summary: Sometimes it takes more than just a letter to get someone to Hogwarts

Matches in the Snow was so well received, I was just overwhelmed. It got mentioned on [ profile] hp_diversity, was an Editor's Pick on [ profile] quibbler_report, and was a Hot Rec on [ profile] daily_snitch. I'm thrilled that the story touched so many people's hearts -- thank you!

Whew. That was a busy December, folks!
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The reveals are up at [ profile] minerva_fest so I can now admit to being the author of "Memento Vitae," which I very much enjoyed writing and which a lot of people apparently enjoyed reading -- yay! As always, this was an excellent fest with many top-notch stories; if you haven't yet checked them out, take time to do so. You will not be disappointed!

Title: Memento Vitae (on LJ) (on AO3)
Prompt #70: Retirement approaches, and Minerva clears out her office at Hogwarts. There are a few objects ('five' is such a traditional fanfic number, but have less or more if you prefer) that hold very, very special memories. While she packs, she remembers those times.
Rating: G
Word Count: 3700
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva, with memories of many others
Summary: There are things we carry in our hearts that no one else can fully understand. On her last afternoon as Headmistress, Minerva remembers some of hers.
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: I very much enjoyed this stroll down Minerva's memory lane; I hope you do too.
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[ profile] sshg_promptfest was another sterling collection this year; I'm only sorry that my July was such that I wasn't able to give it the attention it deserves. I did manage to look at and respond to all the art, and I hope to work my way through the fics over the next few weeks. Many of my favorite contributors participated, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the results of their creative fabulosity!

Now that the Big Reveal is up, I can admit to being the author of "The Heart the Adder Gave Him." Thanks to [ profile] palathene for a wonderful prompt that gave me lots of leeway to explore what it might mean for Hermione to suffer a prophetic vision. I'm rather proud of this one :)

Title: The Heart the Adder Gave Him (LJ) (AO3)
Rating: PG
Summary: Hermione has made a prophecy about Snape, most of which she doesn’t understand. Snape understands part of it all too well. But what can the rest of it mean?
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...are up, so I can now cop to being the author of Untidy Beginnings! I was immensely pleased to get this prompt, partly because Minerva as headmistress is an area I like to see explored, and partly for the double challenge: how to make Dudley a sympathetic character without taking him completely out of character, and how to make Minerva, who obviously cared very much for Harry, feel any sort of warmth for one of the people who was cruelest to him?

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this odd, rather fraught, relationship between Minerva and Dudley, and in working through it I discovered more than one point of connection.

This year's fest was an excellent one with many top-notch stories, and I'm proud to be in such fine company. Unfortunately I was insanely busy the past few weeks and have had almost no time to read the other Minerva Fest entries; I'll be on a train for a good chunk of next week and hope to catch up then.

Title: Untidy Beginnings (on LJ) (on AO3)
Original Prompt: #47. I would like to see how Headmistress McGonagall informs Dudley Dursley and his wife that their child has been accepted to Hogwarts, and what that means. How do each of the family members react? Do they have any contact with the Potters? Bonus if we see the shopping trip to Diagon Alley and the Sorting.
Rating: G
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva, Dudley Dursley and family, cameos by Severus Snape and Hannah Abbot, two original characters
Description: When Minerva finds the name of Dursley written in the Book of Admittance, surprises ensue for everyone.
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My short SSHG piece Poetic License has been nominated for Best Comedy!! I'm so tickled. This is the first time I've been nominated, and it's quite the thrill :) Thank you, mystery nominator!

Rules, Timelines, and How to Nominate a Fic

To Make Nominations/Ask Questions:
Nomination period: October 1st - October 28th, 2013
Voting period: November 1st - December 31st, 2013
Winners announced: by January 10th, 2014

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Reveals went up a little while ago at [ profile] hp_friendship so I can now cop to being the author of "To Understand and To Be Understood," which explores the friendship between Molly Weasley and Tonks. [ profile] squibstress (thank you!) wrote the most wonderful prompt which allowed me to incorporate different aspects of friendship, bits of canon, wolves in fairy tales, and some pet theories about magic, power, gender and Muggle-borns. It was great fun to write and I got some lovely thoughtful comments, which is always a joy for a writer :)

Title: To Understand and To Be Understood (on LJ) (on AO3)
Characters: Molly Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks; cameos by Mad-Eye Moody, Fred and George, Dumbledore and one or two others.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death (canon)
Word Count: ~8800
Summary: "One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Original prompt, from [ profile] squibstress: "They appear to be close-ish in canon. What kind of friendship is it? A few ideas: Maybe Molly sees Tonks as the woman she might have been if she'd made different choices. Does she urge Tonks to pursue Lupin, and maybe get pregnant, out of supportive friendship, or is it something else? Or take the opposite approach: Molly sees Tonks making the same choices she did, and tries to talk her out of it. Or maybe Molly wants to convince Tonks that she doesn't have to choose one or the other--maybe Tonks has choices that weren't open to Molly."
Author's Notes: Thanks to my speedy and eagle-eyed beta, [ profile] nursedarry, for her Britpicks and excellent suggestions. Text in bold was taken directly from Rowling's books. Molly's line about having children being "to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" is from author Elizabeth Stone. The information about what happens when two werewolves mate under the full moon comes from
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The Big Reveal for [ profile] sshg_promptfest went up a little while back, so I can now admit to being the author of "Poetic License," written to a very fun and clever prompt by [ profile] drinkingcocoa.

Title: Poetic License (on LJ) (on AO3)
Warning(s): Pretentious swottiness.
Summary: Snape never claimed to be a poet. According to Hermione, that's just as well.
Original prompt: 1st-year genfic. Professor Snape receives a thank-you owl for the delightful logic puzzle. To show her gratitude, Hermione has rewritten his clue to make it a much better piece of verse, with earnest analyses of the flaws in his version and suggestions to help him improve as a poet.
Author's note: I'm sorry that this isn't longer, but even Hermione can only go on so long when she's got only sixteen lines to work with. I had no idea what trochaic heptameter was until she made me look it up; if there are any actual lit crit or poetry majors in the audience, I beg forgiveness for her entirely inadequate (and probably inaccurate) ripping-to-shreds of Sev's work.
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An infamously bad HP fanfic has been adapted as a very tongue-in-cheek web series. I hate to say it, but this actually makes me want to go read it. (Although perhaps it was meant from the start as a spoof? Surely no one would come up with the name "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way" and expect to be taken seriously...) Regardless, this is very funny indeed:

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[ profile] sshg_exchange has posted the reveal -- and with 180 items, it is a freakin' HUGE reveal! The quality of writing and art that comes out of SSHG never ceases to amaze me.

I have squee'd in no uncertain terms about the gifts I received, but now I know who my bestower of loveliness is and I'm thrilled to be able to properly thank [ profile] sixpence_jones for my two phenomenal gifts, For Love and Loss (art) and All Shadows Pass Away (fic). I treasure both of them. ♥ ♥ ♥ to you, my dear!!

And on the flip side, I can now claim authorship of "Bide, Lady, Bide," a combination of the folk song "The Twa Magicians" and a very manipulative Lucius who very nearly gets caught in his own net, which I wrote for [ profile] owlbait. So many people were kind enough to leave praise and comments; I am both thrilled and humbled.

Title: Bide, Lady, Bide (on LJ) (on AO3)
Recipient: [ profile] owlbait
Rating: Suggestive
Warnings: None
Genre: Romance
Summary: Lucius has a cunning plan. What will he do when it backfires?
Word Count: 8,521
Original Prompt: (Possible spoilers) Of the three prompts given, I've combined #2 and #3: (2) "Something inspired by "The Twa Magicians" - Childe Ballad verses here and Steeleye Span's spiffy version here. (3) "The Marriage Law Oopsie: With the war over, Wizarding Britain is worried about the rise in Squibs. In typical Slytherin fashion, Lucius connives to get his friend the girl of his dreams. He moves behind the scenes to get a Marriage Law passed requiring all Muggle-born witches to marry Purebloods. Lucius, recently widowed/divorced, petitions for Hermione. He engineers out all other escape routes in order to send her fleeing to Severus's offer. Finally, with time getting down to the wire for Hermione to accept another proposal or have to marry him, Lucius gets fed up and tells Snape to offer for Hermione, already. It seems our Sev has kept some things to himself. "What do you *mean* you aren't a pureblood?"
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The [ profile] snapecase reveal went up a while ago -- so many great stories this year!! -- and I can therefore cop to being the author of "Wormwood and Gall." Thanks to all who were kind enough to leave comments!

Title: Wormwood and Gall (on LJ) (on AO3)
Age-Range Category: Three
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Severus Snape; Albus Dumbledore; cameo by Lucius Malfoy
Rating: G
Warning(s): Angst.
Note: No specific date is given for when Dumbledore hires Snape, other than sometime in 1981. It's unlikely Dumbledore would have hired him prior to Lily's death, since Snape would have been busy with his espionage work up until then, so I've placed it in late November of 1981, immediately after Dumbledore testifies on Snape's behalf. Also, no date is given for Lucius' appointment to the Board of Governors at Hogwarts, so I have (rather arbitrarily) placed that in the fall of 1982.
Summary: When Severus is offered the job of Potions Master at Hogwarts, he thinks that perhaps life might not be as desolate as it looked. Whether or not this is correct remains to be seen.
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[ profile] hp_holidaygen has posted the Big Reveal, so I can now admit to being the author of "Things Left Unsaid" for [ profile] igrockspock. My giftee was pleased (yay!) and I got many thoughtful, lovely comments, so it was win-win-win all around :) Actually, I thought every single piece for this fest was a win -- so many creative, thought-provoking, well-written, wonderful stories. Congratulations to all the authors!!

Title: Things Left Unsaid (LJ) (AO3)
A gift for: [ profile] igrockspock
Rating: G
Length: ~6,000 words
Character(s): Snape, Hogwarts, assorted staff, students, Death Eaters (7th year)
Warnings: brief use of Crucio; angst
Author's Note 1: Thanks to igrockspock for so many great prompts! I actually wrote half of three of them before settling on this one (Anything about Snape's tenure as headmaster, especially how he goes about protecting students without revealing his true loyalties), so the others may turn up somewhere eventually. I hope it pleases.
Author's Note 2: Professor Trelawney's reading of the Moon card is taken from the American Tarot Association, Professor Flitwick's words about small things are a quote from Mother Teresa.
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Finally getting around to posting re: the fic I wrote for [ profile] lm_hgficxchange back in April (!!). [ profile] laurielover1912 gave me a fabulous prompt and I had great fun with it though if I'd had time I'd have made a little more explicit. But that's planning for you, innit?

Title: That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie (read on LJ) (read on AO3)
Recipient: [ profile] laurielover1912
Rating: PG (although there's plenty of implication, so let your imagination go crazy; mine certainly did)
Warnings: A dollop of angst, a soupcon of UST, a generous handful of snarky banter, and a mystery involving goats and Ultimate Darkness -- oh wait, those aren't warnings, those are enticements, aren't they?
Summary: Five years after the end of the war, Malfoy Manor is suffering from a peculiar infestation and Unspeakable Granger is assigned to the case. Much has changed at the Manor, but thousands of years of Malfoy heritage cannot be lightly disregarded.
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I don't like sticky posts -- they take up too much real estate on a small screen -- and I'm not prolific enough for the "fanfic" tag to be very visible in my tag cloud, so to make it easier for people to find my other fics I've added links (<= <= over there in the sidebar, see?) to them on AO3 and here on LJ. Hopefully that will be enough for anyone who wants to find them. (For anyone who isn't yet using AO3, I highly recommend it: well organized, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use both as reader and author. I have one invitation left to give out; if anyone wants it let me know.)

I want to do the "fic traffic meme" that's circulating, but don't have time today so perhaps tomorrow. (Perhaps I will be surprised by something and can use it as one of my "100 Surprises"!)

Now back to editing that 300+ page tome for my client from Kentucky (yup, cattle-ranchers write books too!).
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Reveals are up for [ profile] mini_fest so I can post this now too, yay! The prompt came from [ profile] lady_of_clunn and was so wonderful I had to seize it bodily, run off with it, and hide in the corner where I could savor it thoroughly.

Title: Till By Turning, Turning We Come 'Round Right (LJ) (AO3)
Rating: PG
Characters: Hermione/Snape, with cameos by Ron, Harry and Professor McGonagall
Prompt(s): Every year, Hermione uses her time turner to secretly leave a Christmas present at Spinners End for a young Severus, hoping she might be able to change his fate. Every year she returns to her own time and Severus is still dead - will this year's present be successful?
Warnings: Gratuitous abuse of physics, epilogue endangerment, and a short-lived last-minute red herring.
Summary: Hermione's greatest Christmas gift goes to an unsuspecting recipient.
Word Count: 7800
Disclaimer: Thank you, JKR, for giving us these characters. No copyright infringement was intended, no money was made, but a lovely time was had by all.
A/N: Enormous thanks to my kind and speedy betas [ profile] nursedarry, [ profile] ennyousai, and [ profile] noeon; any purple prose remaining is no fault of theirs. And most humble thanks to [ profile] lady_of_clunn for giving me a nugget of pure gold to work with. I hope that despite my minor alterations it still shines for you.


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