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We miss you :( If I could have one wish, it would be to have seen you as Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons -- hubba hubba!!
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...when I subject all my friends to Picard and the rest of the gang ("SHUT UP, WESLEY!") doing their holiday song. This still makes me giggle like crazy every single time I watch it XD

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Rereading Gone With the Wind for about the thirteenth time and loving it, as always. However, for the first time I really noticed some of the ages mentioned, and was a bit taken aback. Gerald O'Hara is 43 when he marries Ellen Robillard, who is only 15. Suellen O'Hara's "beau" Frank Kennedy is 40 and she's 14. And Rhett Butler is mentioned as being 30 or 35 at the beginning of the novel and Scarlett is only 16.

For some reason this never struck me before, but even for the 1860s this seems rather a wide age disparity.
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Mr Psmith and I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Saturday.

I have still not recovered from the utter joy and the deep trauma.

If you've seen it you will know what I mean.

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...when I subject all my friends to Picard and the rest of the gang ("SHUT UP, WESLEY!") doing their holiday song. This still makes me giggle like crazy every single time I watch it XD

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How can Harrison Ford look so drop-dead sexy at 70-something???

New Star Wars movie posters:

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My first crush on a fictional man was at about age eight or nine: Prince Gwydion from Llloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain. Well, how could he not be? With his green eyes and wolf-grey hair and the sword and cloak and also hello, a prince, he was everything that a girl bored with sappy Disney royalty would adore. He didn't waste his time rescuing princesses, he was fighting THE LORD OF DEATH, for Merlin's sake. And I loved that he was noble yet accessible: a prince for working days, as it were, not in the least high and mighty, because he didn't need to be.

My next fictional crush was Laurie from Little Women (so sweet and funny and romantic, and played the piano with such passion -- Jo, how could you turn him down?!) closely followed by Dan from Jo's Boys (my black-eyed wounded rebel soul, I'm still sad he didn't win the heart of Bess).

Then I read Dragonsong and fell hard for Masterharper Robinton, with his sharp intelligence, his weakness for Benden wine, his wit and his generous heart; when he and Menolly were alone on the boat in Dragondrums I thought, "At last, at last!!" but the silly tart thwarted me, a betrayal for which I still have never quite forgiven her.

Next: a toss-up between Lord Peter Wimsey -- war hero, collector of incunabula, and sooo very persistently faithful -- and Laurie R. King's Sherlock Holmes. The scene with Peter and Harriet on the bank of the river is one of the all-time sexiest scenes ever, even though they never touch each other, and the night that Holmes tasks Mary Russell with wanting to propose to him caused me to cheer out loud.

You'll notice that Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir, Eomer & Co. are conspicuously absent. They were a bit too distant for me when I first encountered them, I think -- I was eleven, and at the time they all struck me as rather biblical, probably due to Tolkien's elevated language. Snape is also absent from this list since he didn't ring my bell until I saw Alan Rickman. After that it was very hubba hubba, but I don't feel right about including him in this list when it was a real person that actually spurred my interest.

So tell me, who are/were your fictional (book) crushes and why?
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"...Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will revive the West End production of Waiting for Godot on Broadway this autumn. The actors will also star in a new production of Harold Pinter's No Man's Land in an out-of-town tryout over the summer. Both productions will be directed by Sean Mathias."

And as if that were not enough, Alan Rickman will also be on Broadway this fall in a production of Krapp's Last Tape -- looky looky!!

I think I may have died and gone to fangirl heaven...
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115 reasons we love Buffy

Men who have stayed beautiful - #1 is Alan Rickman, yessssss!

More men who have stayed beautiful

25 bands that wisely changed their original name - The Golliwogs => Creedence Clearwater Revival; who knew?? but thank goodness...

5 ways the movies totally get pregnancy wrong

In other news, Spike Lee is an idiot.
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When I was a kid, one of the few tv shows we watched was Masterpiece Theatre. Recently I've discovered how much fun it is to go back and watch those old series again, trying to spot later-famous people. Until tonight, my best "Aha!" moment had been the discovery that the villainous Sejanus from I, Claudius was Patrick Stewart (with hair!). Thanks to years of STNG this scene, which did very little for me at age 11, now gives me a serious "hubba hubba!" moment.

However, I think I've topped that. Tonight I was watching the first episode of Lillie, about Lillie Langtry, and I discovered that her brother William Le Breton is Rupert Giles!! Here he is at first (such a baby-face!), and here he is with a mustache (shudder!). The funny thing is, I don't know if I would have spotted it but Spouse was sitting in the other room and shouted, "Hey, that's Giles!" just based on his voice, heh heh.

So yeah, that's my idea of fun on a Monday night :)
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Saw "Cowboys and Aliens" this past weekend. Excellent popcorn flick, I highly recommend it -- and they've broken the mold in that the dog actually survives, all the way to the closing credits! How refreshing.

Was pleased to see Harrison Ford has still Got It, and looks good on a horse. Daniel Craig also looks good on a horse (ok, he looks good full stop). Was amused to note that, despite his having quite a good American accent and playing that quintessentially American character, A COWBOY, he still posts to the trot like a good Brit. Some things are just bred in the bone.


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