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My new look, as of 5pm today :)

ooh shiny )
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[ profile] mywitch has embarked on 25 days of fan art. Today she picked MY prompt, and gave me half-dressed Lucius. Go. See. Marvel.

Hubba hubba!
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I have received the most excellent present ever. I knew it was coming, as it was a promised Christmas gift and I'd had a very small sneak preview, but the Real Deal arrived today and it's even more Lucius -- er, LUSCIOUS -- than I expected.

Behold, the rich and sensual artwork of the talented [ profile] stellamoon, as gifted to me by the kind and generous [ profile] nursedarry:

I especially love the attention to detail, like the carving behind him that hints at the aristocratic pile of stone that is Malfoy Manor, the expression of the eyes and the little half-smile. And of course the texture of the hair (or The Hair, as I like to call it). This Lucius, I think, has not yet acquired his snake-headed pimp stick and still believes in the possibility of happiness, which is a lovely Lucius to have on my wall.

Does this not rock beyond words? I think I will take him to work. Everyone will be green with envy :)

So to [ profile] stellamoon and [ profile] nursedarry: The undeserving recipient of your beneficence and skill offers her humblest and deepest gratitude.

(In an amusing twist, I had just completed a very demanding and complex freelance consulting job I'd been working on for two solid months; receiving this the very day I submitted my final report was like a sort of karmic "Congratulations!")
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Well, now that the [ profile] hp_uk_meetup is over, I'm allowed to post the flash fic -- aka drabbles -- and also the slightly longer pieces (resulting from my inability to control my wayward Muse) that I contributed for their edification, jollification, and delectation. Herewith, my G and PG offerings; I have a couple of R-rated ones but will save those for tomorrow. And can I just say, I had huge amounts of fun with this? Thanks [ profile] nursedarry for inviting me to play!!

Irresistible (RL gen, G) )

Social Grooming (RL/SB, PG) )

Whiter shade of pale (HG/LM, PG) )

Lunacy (LL gen, G) )


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