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It's snowing again still. Argh.
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Because news. Mostly this, but also everything that the Orange Hobgoblin says or does, because it highlights how incredibly incompetent and stupid he is. (Just look at all the tags I've applied to this post -- I couldn't stop, they are my frenzy made visible.)

So instead, I give you the peaceful February view out our back windows yesterday:

(click to embiggen)
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...and yet it's been snowing. We are Not Pleased.
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The worst of Epic Snowmageddon has gone south of us, so all we have to contend with is what fell earlier this week. Here's hoping that all of you in the Winter Warlock's path are home safe and warm with plenty of beverages, company, and snuggly lap pets of your choice!!

(In my case that would be wine, Mr Psmith, and the poosy cats.)
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...just crazy busy. I'll be back soon, I promise!
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Mr. Psmith has mentioned several times wanting a Gryffindor scarf, so a couple of weeks ago I commissioned [ profile] irishredlass to make one (she is so talented!!) for his birthday. It arrived a couple of days ago, and although his birthday isn't until the 27th, today's forecast (18" of snow, low tonight of 8, below zero wind chill) inspired me to give it to him early. I'm glad I did so -- not only is he ridiculously happy with it/proud of it, but we have a foot of snow already and it's still coming down like nobody's business! Here he is in our back yard, resplendent in his House colors :)

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So it's still snowing here (ugh) but Mr Psmith and I were amused the other morning to wake up and see that the nasty weather hasn't stopped the mice in the neighborhood from venturing out on their daily rounds. I can only imagine what their sub-surface tunnels must look like, and how annoying it must be when the walls start to melt!

View from our front porch:


Close-up of the plunge into the snowbank:

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It's called "snow" and there is a metric s**t ton of it here in my neighborhood:

post-blizzard conditions )

Oh my god am I ready for spring.

To cheer ourselves up, Mr Psmith and I have been looking at pictures from way back when Freya was a full-of-herself little kitten who took no crap from our giant dogs that outweigh her by a factor of 20-to-1 (she hasn't changed a bit, in case you were wondering):

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...and not one but TWO of my prompts got claimed already -- squeee! You are looking at one happy little fangirl :) It's almost enough to compensate for the truly horrendous amounts of snow and frigid temperatures we've had for what seem like YEARS, and which are rapidly driving me into terminal cabin fever :P Where is the sun?? ::mopes::

Riddle Horror Text
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LetterMo2014squareI wish I'd heard about this a week ago, because this makes me a week late getting started, but I want to participate in Mary Robinette Kowal's A Month of Letters. I love what she says about it: "When I write back, I find that I slow down and write differently than I do with an email. Email is all about the now. Letters are different, because whatever I write needs to be something that will be relevant a week later to the person to whom I am writing..."

To do this properly, I need 20-22 people to send things to, so if you want something -- a letter, a card, a postcard, a small marsupial with a stamp on its back, whatever -- please leave a comment and PM me with your address. I'd love to actually make my target of something every day in February. I have offline friends and family who can fill in the gaps, but I don't know if I can get to 22 without you, so help me out!

In other news, Marvel Comics has launched a site to send superhero geeks into a frenzy: a humungous comic books image archive spanning 75 years. And it comes with an API so clever codey type people can do neat things with it!

Ka-Pow! Marvel Opens Massive Comic Book Images Archive And API To Fans, Developers

The API -- which will include comic book artwork, character histories, creator insights, and expanded stories -- will grant members access to an expansive database of Marvel's library of 75 years of comics, including over 30,000 comics, 7,000 series, and 5,000 creators. This move gives developers the tools to create their own Marvel-based apps and digital offerings...

And for the francophiles in the audience, we have "Farting Angels and Ass-Slapping Aristocrats: A Web Archive Reveals the Weird Side of the French Revolution":

Shackles broke, kings fell, and heads rolled. The French Revolution was one of the most dramatic social explosions in history, and its aftershocks still ripple through Western culture 200 years later. And now, thanks to the French Revolution Digital Archive, any Francophiles with an Internet connection has access to over 14,000 newly released images from the bloodbath. Quel bonheur!

This one appears to be saying that teeter-totters are miraculous, but perhaps I'm misinterpreting...

Also OMG DID YOU SEE BIG BANG THEORY TONIGHT?? (Warning: Spoilers if you click through) First time ever a tv show has actually made me gasp :)
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A bunch of Friday random fun stuff, for your edification and jollification:

Too much snow? Bored with snowmen? Try a lovely snow-pig!

For you fabric artistes in the audience, I bring you Spoonflower, where you can design your own fabric. I expect to see lots of peacocks from [ profile] shiv5468.

Ever pondered why your state is so ________? And perhaps been curious how most people would fill in that blank? Wonder no more!! io9 has mined the data and brings you the answers. Unsurprisingly, the answer for Texas is "big" but some of the others may make you scratch your head.

Did you know that the NFL, which grossed $9.5 billion last year, is a non-profit? This is a true thing. If you think it's stupid, which apparently 87% of the public does, you can sign a petition to change it. (On another football-related note, there's more at stake in this year's Super Bowl than just a big silver trophy: a Frederic Remington and a Japanese painting.)

Want a few LOTR-related giggles but can't face another Legolas/Gimli slash fic*? Visit The Tolkien Sarcasm Page, a collection of very funny things indeed, including Saruman's diary and "Tales from the Prancing Pony," the story of three British adventurers who spent four months in Middle-earth in the late 1880s, with a genteel and well-mannered Uruk-hai as their guide. Oh, and there's also the Crackpot Tolkien Theories page, featuring a well-argued theory that Tom Bombadil is actually the Witch-King of Angmar. Really.

Then when you want something a little more serious, meet Clint Smith. I can't really describe him, you just have to listen.

OK, 'nuff said. Have a nice Friday, y'all!

* Apologies to anyone in the audience who actually likes Legolas/Gimli (what do you call that pairing, anyway? Legimli? Gimoglas?)
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So, you know how so much of what we do happens on a little screen, and/or over headphones/microphones, and involves pixels instead of people? Here are two VERY funny takes on what if some of those things happened in real life. My favorite is the first, which only makes me laugh, but I identify more with the second, which makes me laugh AND cry.

How funny would it be if Google were a person you actually had to talk to? Very damn funny.

[Error: unknown template video]

And a conference call in real life:

[Error: unknown template video]

On the other hand, the Old Spice guy has a new ad out. I luuuuurv him.

Also, it is STILL SNOWING. Grrrr.
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We've gotten several many inches of snow over the past few days (18", according to our local news, and the high -- high!! -- yesterday was 12 degrees), and the puppy is ecstatic. Here she is doing her "I am a snow gopher!!" impression:

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According to the local news, which is attempting to be a) witty and b) topical, we have had one Bieber of snow so far this month. Yes, that's correct: they have chosen to measure the snow in Biebers. Actually that's out of date, because we've now had 70", so if little 5'5" Justin were to stand in it he would be totally buried.

Perhaps not a bad thing. Justin, would you care to step over here for a moment?

And they've published a helpful little graph showing snowfall for previous Decembers. There's the average snowfall (a gentle orange curve up to about 2' over the whole month); the least snow (a lean green line that clings to the bottom of the graph); the most snow (a blue line that goes upward in three or four hiccups to about 6' over the course of the entire month). And then there's this year: a purple line that shoots vertically up on the 6th and then just...stays there, smushed against the top like a helium balloon bobbing against the ceiling. Argh. Apparently the only worse events were the notorious Blizzard of '66 and the infamous Blizzard of '93 (42" in 48 hours!!).

On the plus side, all the Christmas shopping for out-of-staters is done and shipped (go me!). Now I can sit back and look forward to the annual Christmas Eve White Elephant party in which someone always gets the following a) a chia pet, b) something obscene from Spencers, and c) that really ugly mirror that keeps getting regifted. I do not enjoy this sort of thing (I don't even need any ACTUAL stuff, why would I want to acquire gag stuff??), but it's part of my (step)mother-in-law's family tradition, so there you go. There's usually nothing for me to eat other than the rye bread dip and deviled eggs, everything else being meat-based products. Ah well, there's always the vodka jello shots in the ice cube trays...

Ooh, it's 11 degrees out. Time for tea.
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Three feet since Saturday. Three FEET. That's more snow this week than we had in the entire month of December last year.

The 5-day forecast in the paper this morning said "Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow."

I'm not only walking in a winter wonderland, I'm slithering, sliding, shoveling and damn near swimming in the thing. At this rate we may soon be eating it. I hear it's tasty with maple syrup, but I prefer filling a nice big mug and then pouring peppermint schnapps over it. Minty fresh breath AND a nice buzz.

I'm all for a white Christmas but this is ridiculous. Perhaps my Icon o'Fire will keep me warm. Of course it's balanced out by my "How am I?" icon LOL! Oh well...puts me in the holiday mood, so it's all good. I guess. Brrrrr.
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Not a good weekend. Had an idea for SSIAW Week 3 that worked well in my head but turned to complete crap once it hit the page. Up until midnight every night with two freelance editing jobs, prep for "guest lecture" for second class Monday, final reports due for a couple of groups I'm in at work, and...something else, my mind has turned to mush. Then tonight our massive dog (190 lbs) trod on my finger as I was wiping up the copious quantities of water she relocates to the floor every time she gets a drink, and I actually almost barfed/passed out from the sheer agony. I've heard of this phenomenon but never experienced it (and hope never to again, thank you very much).

Oh, and it snowed today.
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Thermometer outside the kitchen today read 4 degrees.   I don't like it when I can count the heat on the fingers of one hand, it seems wrong somehow.  The only warm thing around here is my HSU IT logo.


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