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[ profile] mywitch has embarked on 25 days of fan art. Today she picked MY prompt, and gave me half-dressed Lucius. Go. See. Marvel.

Hubba hubba!
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Reveals are up over at [ profile] sshg_giftfest, so I can now admit to having written "The Price of a Memory" (on the fest community or on AO3) for [ profile] reynardo! Her prompt was positively inspiring, and I had a wonderful time writing this for her.

I would also like to profusely and enthusiastically applaud and thank [ profile] dragoon811, who wrote for ME a splendid story containing so many of my favorite elements: entangled souls and seventh year, too-clever-by-half Hermione and sarcastic biting Severus, all beautifully interwoven with canon events and a perfect, heart-tugging ending. Go and read Warmth and see for yourself!

Check out all the other artses and fics while you're there, too, because every single one is top-notch. The amount of talent in this particular 'ship continues to amaze and delight me...
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Mr Psmith and I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Saturday.

I have still not recovered from the utter joy and the deep trauma.

If you've seen it you will know what I mean.

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If anyone is wondering what I'd like in my stocking Dec 25th, it's this. Hubba hubba.
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Have just discovered the Fleet Foxes. Am impressed.

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No, this isn't photoshopped. It's real. And I could not be happier for the many people for whom today's Supreme Court decision means so much :)

(Click for story)

And there's even a live feed, with the fountain playing and flag waving above. Yay!!
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These two kids are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I had no idea you could rock a cello like a fiddle! I nearly bounced out of my skin just watching/listening, they got me so riled up. I love musicians who make instruments do new things, not in a twisted distorted smash-the-guitars way but in a push-it-to-the-max way. Paganini has nothing on these boys. (When this one finishes, click on "I Will Wait" for their more traditional but still gorgeous cello experience.)

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And if that wasn't enough, here they are on America's Got Talent with their teacher -- their Russian grandfather, who cries as he watches from backstage ::snif:: These kids are really wonderful...

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