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It's snowing again still. Argh.
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Gabriel Sherman's bio of FOX News head Roger Ailes is scheduled to be published on my birthday. I may sue for emotional distress.

On the plus side, it's apparently fairly negative...
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Are other people getting comment notifications from LJ? I am getting zilch, and have been for about five days now. So apologies if you've said something to me and I didn't say anything back :(
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From Cake Wrecks, an awesome tribute to Hostess snackables (the photos are great fun as well):

"And the prophet said, cast ye your countenance toward the Walmart, and follow thy heart to the junk food aisle, for there the snack cakes are distributed in a manner wonderful to see. For the munchies are upon you, and the hunger is deep. Look with wonder upon the gifts you have been given. Of the puffed cheese and popped corn, you may eat, but not the HoHo. Of the jerky and Nutella and Doritos you may have your fill, but not the Twinkie. Of the potato chip, plain or barbecue, ranch or sugar coated, you may eat, but not the Donette. Of the oil based snack of dubious origin you may eat, but not the Ding Dong. Though your craving be deep, think not of the little chocolate cupcake with the white squiggle thereupon. For the punishment is upon us and Hostess is no more. And the people wept."

Lamentations 8:11-20

...or is it??...
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Jeez, talk about depressing. I wasn't expecting it to be so dark. We saw the show in Chicago and I didn't realize how much they happied it up, so some of the events in the book were a bit of a shock, to say the least. It's well done and definitely an original retelling of the story from, as it were, the other side, but by the time I finished the book I felt kind of sick.

This is not the emotion I read for. I don't mind sad stories, or dark tales that don't have Happy Endings, but I do very much mind stories without a point, and so far as I could see Elphie's life didn't have a point, other than futility and grief and desperation. Bleah.


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