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Signups are still open for the sshg_giftfest!! And Rita Skeeter has lots to say about it in her Sunday Gossip Column today :)

2017 banner 2
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Heartfelt thanks to you all for your kind and comforting comments on my last post. Mr Psmith and I are slowly getting used to the house without our beloved Demi; it's tough and it hurts, but she's always in our hearts so we feel like she's still close to us.

On a happier note, [profile] sshg_promptfest is open for claiming! There are some wonderful prompts this year, so go forth and stake your claim :)

SSHG Prompt Fest
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Now accepting prompts, woo-hoo!

SSHG Prompt Fest
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Reveals are up over at [profile] sshg_giftfest, so I can now cop to being the author of the following:

Title: Riddles in the Pub (fest site) (AO3)
Word count: ~7700
Summary: Having retreated to a small town in Scotland to get away from unwanted publicity, Hermione is surprised to discover someone there who shares her love of a particular author.

Being a Tolkien fan from way back (we won't say how far back), I really enjoyed giving Snape and Hermione free rein to argue, discuss, and debate various aspects of Tolkien. My recipient, [profile] lenaa1987, was also entirely pleased, which makes me very happy indeed :)
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My gift has posted over at [ profile] sshg_giftfest, and it is stellar. I don't know who the Mystery Author is (though I have a suspicion), but they've got a magic quill, whoever they are. Run, do not walk, to this delightful tale of a novel come to life and a bit of Christmas cheer which totally made my night :)

A Gifting of Book Wyrms
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I can't help it, I just had to use all three banners :)

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So excited! Go sign up, you know you want to :)

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Reveals are up over at [ profile] sshg_giftfest, so I can now admit to having written "The Price of a Memory" (on the fest community or on AO3) for [ profile] reynardo! Her prompt was positively inspiring, and I had a wonderful time writing this for her.

I would also like to profusely and enthusiastically applaud and thank [ profile] dragoon811, who wrote for ME a splendid story containing so many of my favorite elements: entangled souls and seventh year, too-clever-by-half Hermione and sarcastic biting Severus, all beautifully interwoven with canon events and a perfect, heart-tugging ending. Go and read Warmth and see for yourself!

Check out all the other artses and fics while you're there, too, because every single one is top-notch. The amount of talent in this particular 'ship continues to amaze and delight me...
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Lots of good stuff and great participants already -- don't be shy, come on in :)

Signups open Aug 13-27th
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I am beyond thrilled to say that I will be co-modding the [ profile] sshg_giftfest!!! Signups will begin August 13th -- I hope to see lots of familiar names participating and please spread the word.

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[ profile] sshg_promptfest was another sterling collection this year; I'm only sorry that my July was such that I wasn't able to give it the attention it deserves. I did manage to look at and respond to all the art, and I hope to work my way through the fics over the next few weeks. Many of my favorite contributors participated, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the results of their creative fabulosity!

Now that the Big Reveal is up, I can admit to being the author of "The Heart the Adder Gave Him." Thanks to [ profile] palathene for a wonderful prompt that gave me lots of leeway to explore what it might mean for Hermione to suffer a prophetic vision. I'm rather proud of this one :)

Title: The Heart the Adder Gave Him (LJ) (AO3)
Rating: PG
Summary: Hermione has made a prophecy about Snape, most of which she doesn’t understand. Snape understands part of it all too well. But what can the rest of it mean?
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One of my prompts has been claimed for [ profile] sshg_promptfest -- squee!

Yes, I know that ALL the contributions will be brilliant (because hello, sshg), but I'm tickled pink that one of my prompts sparked an idea for someone :)

And there are still lots more, especially for artists -- Go ye and claim!
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Claim a prompt. You know you want to.

SSHG Prompt Fest
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Prompt review post is up for SSHG -- and there are two hundred, count 'em, TWO HUNDRED prompts! Truly an embarrassment of riches, everything from angst to humor to backstory to AU to the Krampus. Go take a look:

SSHG Prompt Fest
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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
SSHG Prompt Fest
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One of my stories, A Price Beyond Rubies, is part of the 300th [ profile] quiz_sshg! I am so tickled, partly for me but even more so for the artist who did such a lovely piece based on it. Go check them out and take the quiz!

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The Big Reveal for [ profile] sshg_promptfest went up a little while back, so I can now admit to being the author of "Poetic License," written to a very fun and clever prompt by [ profile] drinkingcocoa.

Title: Poetic License (on LJ) (on AO3)
Warning(s): Pretentious swottiness.
Summary: Snape never claimed to be a poet. According to Hermione, that's just as well.
Original prompt: 1st-year genfic. Professor Snape receives a thank-you owl for the delightful logic puzzle. To show her gratitude, Hermione has rewritten his clue to make it a much better piece of verse, with earnest analyses of the flaws in his version and suggestions to help him improve as a poet.
Author's note: I'm sorry that this isn't longer, but even Hermione can only go on so long when she's got only sixteen lines to work with. I had no idea what trochaic heptameter was until she made me look it up; if there are any actual lit crit or poetry majors in the audience, I beg forgiveness for her entirely inadequate (and probably inaccurate) ripping-to-shreds of Sev's work.
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[ profile] sshg_exchange has posted the reveal -- and with 180 items, it is a freakin' HUGE reveal! The quality of writing and art that comes out of SSHG never ceases to amaze me.

I have squee'd in no uncertain terms about the gifts I received, but now I know who my bestower of loveliness is and I'm thrilled to be able to properly thank [ profile] sixpence_jones for my two phenomenal gifts, For Love and Loss (art) and All Shadows Pass Away (fic). I treasure both of them. ♥ ♥ ♥ to you, my dear!!

And on the flip side, I can now claim authorship of "Bide, Lady, Bide," a combination of the folk song "The Twa Magicians" and a very manipulative Lucius who very nearly gets caught in his own net, which I wrote for [ profile] owlbait. So many people were kind enough to leave praise and comments; I am both thrilled and humbled.

Title: Bide, Lady, Bide (on LJ) (on AO3)
Recipient: [ profile] owlbait
Rating: Suggestive
Warnings: None
Genre: Romance
Summary: Lucius has a cunning plan. What will he do when it backfires?
Word Count: 8,521
Original Prompt: (Possible spoilers) Of the three prompts given, I've combined #2 and #3: (2) "Something inspired by "The Twa Magicians" - Childe Ballad verses here and Steeleye Span's spiffy version here. (3) "The Marriage Law Oopsie: With the war over, Wizarding Britain is worried about the rise in Squibs. In typical Slytherin fashion, Lucius connives to get his friend the girl of his dreams. He moves behind the scenes to get a Marriage Law passed requiring all Muggle-born witches to marry Purebloods. Lucius, recently widowed/divorced, petitions for Hermione. He engineers out all other escape routes in order to send her fleeing to Severus's offer. Finally, with time getting down to the wire for Hermione to accept another proposal or have to marry him, Lucius gets fed up and tells Snape to offer for Hermione, already. It seems our Sev has kept some things to himself. "What do you *mean* you aren't a pureblood?"


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