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...when I subject all my friends to Picard and the rest of the gang ("SHUT UP, WESLEY!") doing their holiday song. This still makes me giggle like crazy every single time I watch it XD

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"All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?!"

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...when I subject all my friends to Picard and the rest of the gang ("SHUT UP, WESLEY!") doing their holiday song. This still makes me giggle like crazy every single time I watch it XD

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Trek Class, the Fun and Free Course on the Science and Fiction of Star Trek! I'm so excited :)

"As Captain Picard once said, “We have no fear of what the true facts about us will reveal,” and it is this spirit that inspires our mission to think critically about not only the 23rd and 24th centuries of Star Trek, but also the realities and issues of our own time.

For some students, this course will be an introduction to strange new worlds, alien civilizations and unusual concepts. Others may be acquainted with some or all of the Star Trek universe but discover new ways of interpreting and discussing the many forms of Star Trek media. Whether you're a seasoned fan or just making first contact with the franchise, #TrekClass has been carefully planned to tell the story of Starfleet in a way that is approachable for the first-time viewer and delightful for the lifelong Trekker. In #TrekClass, you will explore the human experience through the lens of the Final Frontier. Along the way, discover Star Trek's incredible impact on popular culture, space exploration, scientific discovery and technology innovation..."
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Being out of town three weeks out of four since Oct 27 and hosting Thanksgiving plus a lunch for 20 people will do that to you. In lieu of anything deep and/or thoughtful, I offer this fabulous giggle-inducing Christmas video featuring Sir Pat, found for me by my ever-lovin' spouse, Mr Psmith: "Make It So, Make It So, Make It So!"

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There is simply nothing to say to this, it just demands your instant and utter enjoyment. I mean really, look at that puckish grin, right? All one can do is just giggle hysterically. And perhaps wish for a bucket or two of clarified butter.

I put it down to too much Ian McKellen. Or his new wife, maybe.
(Click through to read some very funny comments...)

delphipsmith: (PIcard face-palm) the mighty have fallen. But it's nice to know you have a sense of humor :)

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...I have been crazy busy, thank you for asking. Taxes, bills, "real" job, freelance work, writing, keeping up with my weekly minimal wine consumption requirement, you know. On the plus side, whopping big tax refund (which will go towards the kitchen re-do) and paying clients, w00t!

And hey, it's National Poetry Month! In honor of that, I give you a wonderful bit of Snape-ish sonnetry: He Wears His Cloak Like Moonlight Wears the Night. As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of sonnets. Like medieval miniatures, or the short story, the compressed space means that not a single line or word can be wasted; everything has to be carefully and precisely chosen. It's difficult to do well, and lovely to read the results.

Also in the exciting world of sonnets: in honor of Shakespeare's 450th birthday this year the New York Shakespeare Exchange is creating a whole slew of videos: 154 sonnets read by 154 different actors in 154 different locations in and around NYC. The project was funded by $49,255 raised on Kickstarter -- go crowdfunding!! And at the end of the project, you'll be able to buy the DVD. Since Sir Pat has been lurking about NYC with his rawther young girlfriend, I'm hoping very much that he'll be one of the 154 :)

Finally, an odd but very cool new art form: People attaching LEDs to their Roombas and setting up a camera with long-term exposure, et voila! time-lapse robot vacuum spirograph. Ah, technology...
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Those of you with a mathy turn of mind will be interested to know that it's actually command gold that loses the highest percentage of its wearers, not the stereotypical expendable red shirts. But sciences and engineering are still the safest. Go Spock!

And since we're in a Star Trek moment, please enjoy the ten most awesome things that happened during ST:TNG's 25th reunion. (TWENTY FIVE. Wow do I feel old. So imagine how Jonathan Frakes feels!!)

Also, Patrick Stewart has made the NRA's enemy list (and is apparently quite proud of it). He's also been attacked by some sort of squid/fruit hybrid, but I'm sure there's no connection.

Oh, and Mississippi finally banned slavery.

That is all.
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"...Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will revive the West End production of Waiting for Godot on Broadway this autumn. The actors will also star in a new production of Harold Pinter's No Man's Land in an out-of-town tryout over the summer. Both productions will be directed by Sean Mathias."

And as if that were not enough, Alan Rickman will also be on Broadway this fall in a production of Krapp's Last Tape -- looky looky!!

I think I may have died and gone to fangirl heaven...
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All kinds of fun things that fall under the general rubric of "nerdy" today :)

1) Soon-to-be world's first African-American female chess master is only seventeen. You rock, Rochelle Ballantyne! Here's hoping that budget cuts don't kill your chess program.

2) I'm a big WWII buff, particularly the code-making and code-breaking, so this is pretty damn cool: A Bletchingley man renovating his chimney finds the tiny bones of a pigeon, with a little capsule strapped to its leg. Turns out it was a WWII carrier pigeon, with a coded message for...whom??

3) All five Star Trek captains on stage together. Best quotes came from Sir Patrick: "On Star Trek we are wearing costume, and just like Elizabethan costume, no pockets. Sometimes actors would stand awkwardly because they didn’t know what to do with their hands, but if you’ve spent half your career acting in tights..." and "All those years sitting on thrones of England were nothing but preparation for sitting in the captain’s chair." Yessssss...

4) How many of you remember Omni magazine? I had a subscription starting when I was about 12 and I loved every issue -- big and glossy, with its strange and gorgeous cover art. It gave me a passion for science fiction and sci-fi art which has never left me, with authors like George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Harlan Ellison and William Gibson; artists like H.R. Giger and Rallé. Well, guess what? The entire run of Omni is now available online for free! ::does happy dance::

5) This last one is for the truly nerdy among you: Watch nine big-name sci-fi authors -- including one woman! -- rediscover their inner high-school geek as they play an old-style game of Dungeons and Dragons. Not only did they voyage to The Keep on the Borderlands (D&D Module #2), they recorded it, edited it, added some clever Terry Gilliam-style opening animations, and put it online for your edification and jollification :)
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I have never seen it better explained ("It is a liquid hug"). Or diagrammed. Recycled from this tumblr, which (fair warning) features some of the most luscious decadent food-photo-pr0n that you will ever see.

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As a reward for having finished my story for the first week of SSIAW on Friday, Mr Psmith and I went out to hear lovely traditional Irish music on Saturday -- fiddles, penny whistles, bodhrans, tambourines, tight harmonies and singable tunes and step dancers. There was rain but it passed leaving a double rainbow, so all was well and all was well and all manner of things were well. Today I did my readings for class -- more Gargantua and Pantagruel -- and answered correspondence (for which read, not morning rooms with engraved stationery, but rather blog trolling/commenting!).

A bunch of random things of interestingness have crossed my path in the last couple of days, so I thought I'd share them.

First and foremost (and in honor of which I have created the new userpic featured in this post), Sir Patrick Stewart is on Twitter, as SirPatStew!!! This is almost (but not quite) enough to make me get a Twitter account. His first tweet? "Hi world." His second? "My brain hurts." Best so far? From Sep 4, "Scotch/Soda. Sunset. ." I want to be the person who took this picture.

Next up, a fascinating poem by James Hall entitled Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem Too. Whether you're a superhero or just the girl next door, it's easy to get locked into one persona: "So maybe dat's youwr pwoblem too, who knows / Maybe dat's da whole pwoblem wif evwytin / Nobody can buhn der suits, dey all fwame wesistent." Who among us hasn't wanted to burn their suit and reinvent themselves from scratch? (You can also read the author's thoughts on it.)

Third and fourth are both writing-related items. (3) Yale Law professor Stephen Carter wrote a great piece, It Is to Be Hoped That Proper Grammar Can Endure which argues that precision in writing is necessary for precision in thought. He even brings in the venerable Adam Smith: "The rules of justice may be compared to the rules of grammar...Morality should be modeled on that we may have “certain and infallible directions for acquiring it.”

(4) I stumbled across two excellent Mary Sue Litmus Tests here and here. The first one has separate sections for fan-fiction and original fiction, while the second is for original fiction only. They provide an interesting window into the various character features that have become commonly viewed as Sue-ish -- of course, each of these things individually are fine, it's just when one character features lots of them that things start to get dicey. A good reality check for my own writing!

Finally, from comes my nominee for Dad of the Year. When his daughter wouldn't eat her lunch at school, this guy started drawing silly Avengers and other superhero cartoons and putting them in her lunchbox. My favorite is Batman :)

And that's it for Sunday!
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Don't be embarrassed, Jean Luc -- I'm sure Beverly will be thrilled!

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When I was a kid, one of the few tv shows we watched was Masterpiece Theatre. Recently I've discovered how much fun it is to go back and watch those old series again, trying to spot later-famous people. Until tonight, my best "Aha!" moment had been the discovery that the villainous Sejanus from I, Claudius was Patrick Stewart (with hair!). Thanks to years of STNG this scene, which did very little for me at age 11, now gives me a serious "hubba hubba!" moment.

However, I think I've topped that. Tonight I was watching the first episode of Lillie, about Lillie Langtry, and I discovered that her brother William Le Breton is Rupert Giles!! Here he is at first (such a baby-face!), and here he is with a mustache (shudder!). The funny thing is, I don't know if I would have spotted it but Spouse was sitting in the other room and shouted, "Hey, that's Giles!" just based on his voice, heh heh.

So yeah, that's my idea of fun on a Monday night :)


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