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Because news. Mostly this, but also everything that the Orange Hobgoblin says or does, because it highlights how incredibly incompetent and stupid he is. (Just look at all the tags I've applied to this post -- I couldn't stop, they are my frenzy made visible.)

So instead, I give you the peaceful February view out our back windows yesterday:

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My new look, as of 5pm today :)

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The news has really been getting me down lately, all the hyperbole and knee-jerk reactions and frantic pace and depressingly stupid words and actions by that weird guy who's been hanging out in the Oval Office recently. When I get down, one of the things that makes me feel better is cooking, so Friday night I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (mmmm) which made both me and Mr Psmith very happy.

This morning I got ambitious and decided to try a recipe Mr Psmith found last week: Sweet Potato-Green Onion Pancakes with Poached Eggs, Holiday Ham and Pepper Jam. It sounds rather involved just from the ingredients in the title, but actually wasn't that much work. The most tedious part was grating the sweet potato (those little suckers are dense, man). I didn't bother with poaching the eggs, just rinsed and wiped out the pan I used for the pancakes and fried them over easy, while the pancakes were finishing up in the oven.

The end result was DEFINITELY worth it -- an elegant and satisfying combination of flavors and textures. And pretty to boot!

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Made this last night. It is a marbled chocolate peanut butter cake, and yes, it is DELISH. A bit drier than I like -- I made it with gluten-free flour, which in cookies requires a few minutes more baking, so I did the same thing with the cake but I think it was unnecessary. Also, the chocolate glaze called for corn syrup, which I didn't have and would prefer not to use anyway, so I used a mild-flavored honey instead. Very tasty. Sorry I can't shove slices of cake through the screen for you!

Also, I have been replaying Portal. Hence the subject line.

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You've heard of Bluebeard of course. And, if you're a fan of Blackadder, Captain Redbeard Rumm.

Today, I present for your edification and jollification: CATBEARD!

(aka, Mr Psmith and Xena, one of our torties. She likes to hide in his beard. Freya, our other one, was off either climbing or destroying something, per her usual MO.)

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My quadruplet of Hogwarts-House octopods, made by the talented [ profile] drinkingcocoa, protecting our incredibly valuable and constantly growing accumulation of wine corks. Note how the Slytherin one is pointedly ignoring the Gryffindor behind it, while the Ravenclaw appears typically deep in thought. And of course the loyal little Hufflepuff is wondering why, with all that wine, everyone can't just get along and be happy :)

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Mr Psmith's biggest tarantula, Shelob, molted last week. He asked if I would kindly allow him to pose it on my face. In a moment of insanity (or possibly due to the three glasses of wine I had had), I said yes.

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Our dog turned 11 last week. This is VERY old for an English mastiff! This is how she looked when we reminded her of her birthday:

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The cat's new favorite spot. Can you see her?

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If anyone is wondering what I'd like in my stocking Dec 25th, it's this. Hubba hubba.
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Just returned from a week visiting family back in the Great Flat Midwest. Lots of catching up to do tomorrow, but in the meanwhile:

Dare Wright's The Lonely Doll and Taylor Swift -- is it just me, or is there an eerie resemblance there?

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This is the wine I bought yesterday. Yup, the label glows in the dark. Now I am uneasily picturing it glaring at the inside of my cupboard:


My nephew P. is on a swim team, and this year all the members decided to decorate their car trunks and do a little trick-or-treat lineup in the parking lot. This is how he and his dad (my brother) decorated theirs:

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So it's still snowing here (ugh) but Mr Psmith and I were amused the other morning to wake up and see that the nasty weather hasn't stopped the mice in the neighborhood from venturing out on their daily rounds. I can only imagine what their sub-surface tunnels must look like, and how annoying it must be when the walls start to melt!

View from our front porch:


Close-up of the plunge into the snowbank:

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As my mom says, "Well, you're another year older, but at least you're still on the right side of the grass!"

Thanks to everyone who has sent birthday greetings, birthday wishes, and birthday prezzies, most especially [ profile] rivertempest who sent me a mug with some gorgeous Severus art and the most incredible selection of teas I have ever seen, based on Supernatural, complete with special thingy for steeping!


Bobby Singer's blend has actual gunpowder in it. I'm a little worried about that one :O

And my dear Mr Psmith, who took me out to a NOMZ dinner and bought me the most lovely roses ever which currently have pride of place on the piano:

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We've gotten several many inches of snow over the past few days (18", according to our local news, and the high -- high!! -- yesterday was 12 degrees), and the puppy is ecstatic. Here she is doing her "I am a snow gopher!!" impression:

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Cast your mind back, to the dim and misty days of October 2001, just before The Sorceror's Stone was released in theatres, before the entire civilized world knew who Albus Dumbledore was, when the only pictures we had of Professor McGonagall and Severus Snape were those in our own heads (but still, alas, long after the first Harry Potter fanfic surfaced in the Pit of Voles). Into this anxious time of uncertainty and anticipation (will the kid who plays Harry be able to act? will he look like I imagined?) stepped Vanity Fair, with a photo feature called "Something About Harry" and the world's very first look at The Boy Who Lived (not to mention the Professor Who Made His Life Hell and Spawned a Thousand Fangirls, Me Included).

Travel back in time with me and see them...

Annie Leibovitz (she of the infamous John Lennon/Yoko Ono Rolling Stone photo), did the pictures and she set up some fantastic poses -- she made sure to work in glimpses of Hogwarts as backdrops, an extra bonus. I can't decide if the shot of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team lounging about the Common Room is my favorite, or the intriguing shot of Quirrel, Hooch and what looks like a pterodactyl skeleton (in the library, yet!).

I now REALLY want a copy of this issue of Vanity Fair.


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