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Signups are still open for the sshg_giftfest!! And Rita Skeeter has lots to say about it in her Sunday Gossip Column today :)

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Heartfelt thanks to you all for your kind and comforting comments on my last post. Mr Psmith and I are slowly getting used to the house without our beloved Demi; it's tough and it hurts, but she's always in our hearts so we feel like she's still close to us.

On a happier note, [profile] sshg_promptfest is open for claiming! There are some wonderful prompts this year, so go forth and stake your claim :)

SSHG Prompt Fest
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Now accepting prompts, woo-hoo!

SSHG Prompt Fest
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We miss you :( If I could have one wish, it would be to have seen you as Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons -- hubba hubba!!
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Reveals are up over at [profile] sshg_giftfest, so I can now cop to being the author of the following:

Title: Riddles in the Pub (fest site) (AO3)
Word count: ~7700
Summary: Having retreated to a small town in Scotland to get away from unwanted publicity, Hermione is surprised to discover someone there who shares her love of a particular author.

Being a Tolkien fan from way back (we won't say how far back), I really enjoyed giving Snape and Hermione free rein to argue, discuss, and debate various aspects of Tolkien. My recipient, [profile] lenaa1987, was also entirely pleased, which makes me very happy indeed :)
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My gift posted today over at [ profile] hoggywartyxmas and oh, my, is it a thing of wonder. If you like stories that break your heart and then put it back together again in a most satisfying and lyrical manner, please take a moment to go and read:

Through the Spiral of the Years
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My gift has posted over at [ profile] sshg_giftfest, and it is stellar. I don't know who the Mystery Author is (though I have a suspicion), but they've got a magic quill, whoever they are. Run, do not walk, to this delightful tale of a novel come to life and a bit of Christmas cheer which totally made my night :)

A Gifting of Book Wyrms
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It's baaaaaack!

Snape Showcase
[info]snapecase: Celebrating Severus Snape throughout his ages!
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I can't help it, I just had to use all three banners :)

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So excited! Go sign up, you know you want to :)

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"There is so much that is matchless to remember about Alan Rickman. ..." ==> Ian McKellen's tribute to Alan

The New Yorker special cartoon tribute

"...His sensational breakthrough came in 1986 as Valmont, the mordant seducer in Christopher Hampton’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses. He was nominated for a Tony for the part; Lindsay Duncan memorably said of her co-star’s sonorous performance that audiences would leave the theatre wanting to have sex “and preferably with Alan Rickman”. ==> The Guardian

I would have killed to see him as Valmont. Just imagine!
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Please Fates, no more. I don't think I could bear it.

Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies aged 69

When I heard, the first thing I did was turn to LJ, because I knew all of you would be mourning with me.
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Reveals are up over at [ profile] sshg_giftfest, so I can now admit to having written "The Price of a Memory" (on the fest community or on AO3) for [ profile] reynardo! Her prompt was positively inspiring, and I had a wonderful time writing this for her.

I would also like to profusely and enthusiastically applaud and thank [ profile] dragoon811, who wrote for ME a splendid story containing so many of my favorite elements: entangled souls and seventh year, too-clever-by-half Hermione and sarcastic biting Severus, all beautifully interwoven with canon events and a perfect, heart-tugging ending. Go and read Warmth and see for yourself!

Check out all the other artses and fics while you're there, too, because every single one is top-notch. The amount of talent in this particular 'ship continues to amaze and delight me...
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Good Thing the First: I am caught up on reading [ profile] mini_fest, yay! So many wonderful little stocking stuffers, and one or two more substantial offerings. My favorite so far is a Minerva/Severus piece entitled Dark and Deep. Doesn't that title make you want to go there right now and read it?

Good Thing the Second: Real life is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY slowing down, and I am so looking forward to getting back on LJ more. Since October when we moved house, it's just been one thing after another and woah, am I ready to slow down a little. I can also take on more of the mod-ly burdens for [ profile] sshg_giftfest, which to date have been shouldered almost entirely by the valiant [ profile] amorette, whom I owe big time for doing SO much more than her fair share. She is a true rock!

Good Thing the Third: Mr Psmith graduates tomorrow!!!! I am so proud of him I can hardly stand it :)

Good Thing the Fourth: This, shared with me by a fellow nerdgeek at work today. There are no words for how very much I love this:

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Hurry up, Severus is waiting :)


Sign Ups begin Sep 7 at [ profile] sshg_giftfest

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Neil Gaiman's voice reminds me of Alan Rickman's. It makes me wonder if they grew up in the same part of Britain. (Also, y'know, he's talking about everything from fairy tales to quantum physics, so there's that.)

"What do you do when you've finished your quest? What do you do when you come home? And that's always the question that never gets answered properly in any fairy tale, and it's always the place where -- unless you can believe in happily ever after, and I've not seen one yet -- where you always have to go as an author."

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Alan is still my One True Voicegasm, though :)
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Lots of good stuff and great participants already -- don't be shy, come on in :)

Signups open Aug 13-27th


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